5 Reasons to Donate your RV or Camper


An RV or a camper is a great investment to make when you want your family to switch up and enjoy that camper life for a while. While you’d be taking it out on a swerve once in a while, there will be a time when the vehicle would merely lie around in your backyard. With the dust collecting and the vehicle’s metallic body rusting, the motivation to pick it up for a fun ride is probably nonexistent. 

Selling off an old RV is almost like maintaining one- a tedious task! It needs to be repaired, refurbished, and turned into a trendy vehicle to pass it on to the next buyer. So if you want to get rid of your RV or camper from the backyard, there is an easy solution! Donate your RV. 

If you are confused between donating and selling your RV, consider choosing after weighing the benefits of donating your RV or camper as opposed to selling it. 

1. Your RV can help out so many causes! 

Donating your RV or camper to Cars4Jannah would result in you helping out multiple causes. When we pick up your RV, we would sell it off and use the money for several causes that we support, such as educating orphans, feeding the homeless, and supporting single families. Since we have partnered with over 80 non-profit organizations all over America, your car donations to any of them would support causes that they benefit worldwide. For example, when you donate to IRUSA, you can contribute to campaigns that they run in many needy countries around the world. 

2. You get to escape the time-consuming process of selling the vehicle 

If you have tried selling your RV or camper, you might already know how difficult it is to get rid of it. First off, you will have to move the vehicle out of the backyard, evaluate it for any repairs to be done, then you will have to get all those faults fixed. It is a painstaking process, and certainly not for those who do not have the time, energy, or money to put their all into it. Donating your RV is not nearly as difficult as selling it because all you have to do is call our car donation service, give us your address, and we will pick it up within a day. 

3. You get a tax-writeoff 

Who does not love a good tax break? When you donate your vehicle, whether it is a car, camper, boat, or RV, you can get a tax deduction. At Cars4Jannah, we will pick up your RV to sell it off in the market, and you will receive a tax receipt. If the RV is valued to be more than $500, you can get a tax deduction for the full value. When the vehicle amounts to more than $500, a 1098C form should be completed at the time of pickup showing the amount of the donation. As per IRS regulations, we will need to have a copy of the donor’s Social Security Number on file for IRS verification to claim the full value. You can get a deduction for the fair market value if the vehicle's value is less than $500. In this, your Social Security Number is not required. 

4. Bid Goodbye to the Maintenance Burden 

As long as you have an unused vehicle lying around, you would be responsible for maintaining it. You have to make sure it doesn’t rust away, and you need to pay the insurance and even storage costs if you have parked it in another private space. Once you donate your car, all your responsibilities attached to the RV will come to an end. You can breathe easy knowing that your RV will be put to good use. 

5. Donating For the Sake of Allah- Is There Anything Better?

Doing anything for the sake of Allah has a sweetness of its own. Charity is one of the most beloved acts to Allah. Donating your RV for the sake of Allah helps several causes in this world, but as a Muslim, you get the benefit of added rewards in the Hereafter. You don’t lose anything by donating in Islam, it is always a win! 

Looking to donate your RV or camper? Get started now. 


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